The history of Focus energy is outstanding! It was built on hard work, good ethics, and care for the customers. The people that represent the company show true compassion for the work they do and the people they do it for! Anyone that has worked with the company will tell you that this company will go over and beyond for anyone involved with their company. I truly believe this company is second to none and will succeed like no other.. God bless!

Skylar Poole

For a company to offer their employee load of only 10 full benefits says a great deal of their loyalty and integrity. The environmental standards Focus Energy abides and exceeds reflects the respect and responsibility they have for the environment and the community they love to serve. Keep up the good work Focus Energy you are paving the way for the respect for our environment!

Brennon Myers

Focus is bye far the best company in the dj basen ..their on time go above and beyond what's asked of them .they are loyal to employee's and their customers... Management. seeks out the best of the best to work for them . I appreciate all the hard work they put out.and the amount of respect they have for this industry..

Russell Rowland

Great company, hard working, polite and very professional. They are available around the clock. The staff and owners are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have and would recommend thus company to anyone. Thank you focus energy for all of your hard work.

Sheena Gaona

Built on hard work and dedication. In order to be a successful company you must value who is working for you and treat everyone equally which i believe they are going above and beyond doing so. I would recommend Focus to anyone seeking a contract in their expertise.

Sierra Walk

I have not had the pleasure to do business here, but I have met the owners! I sincerely appreciate their dedication to doing the job right and their respect for employees!

Katee Jean Pevler

Always good to interact with the owners, great people, know what they're doing! Their employees always seem like they are treated well and also know what they're doing. Definitely a solid business to support!

Ami Jahns

Good people. I highly recommend thos company and have known the onwers for 20+ years. Solid.

Kristi Malia Nelson

Hardworking, loyal company. Good to their employees, and those they do business with.

Jacqueline Myers

Class acts. Reliable and hard working group of men, go above and beyond expectations

West Busha